Monacor PA-900 Mixing Amplifier 160W
Monacor PA-900 Mixing Amplifier 160WMonacor PA-900 Mixing Amplifier 160WMonacor PA-900 Mixing Amplifier 160W

Monacor PA-900 Mixing Amplifier 160W


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Product Description

Monacor have made a name for themselves as reliable suppliers of high quality audio goods with each of their products holding their own in terms of fantastic quality and clear clarity. Having more than proven their worth within the industry, thanks to highly professional German design and engineering, each of Monacor’s products are built on efficiency and reliability for high quality PA & background music systems for PA, 100V line, schools, sports halls & gyms, shops, warehouses & factories, churches & chapels, restaurants & hotels and more without feigning in quality of sound. Monacors products provide nothing but the best for your commercial audio application solutions and guarantee top quality performance after every use.Just how do 100 Volt Line systems work? Multiple speakers can be connected to the supplied amplifier, how many you can connect will depend on the power output of the amplifier and the power / setting of the speakers used. The total amount of speakers used can not go above the power of the amplifier. The best way to explain the speaker / amp configuration of these systems is to example an equation:1x Amplifier = 100 Watts – 16x Speakers @ 6 Watt Tap Setting = 96 Watts1x Amplifier = 100 Watts – 33x Speakers @ 3 Watt Tap Setting = 99 WattsThis PA mixing amplifier is perfect for a variety of PA-based applications. If you’re in need of a sturdy and resilient amplifier for commercial use with 100v line background music systems for your warehouse/factory, church/chapel, restaurant/bar, retail outlet, sports hall, gym, school or any other occasion that calls for a wide spread PA or background sound system, look no further than this fantastic unit! So, why not order today and experience this fantastic product yourself with a little help from us here, at Electromarket.


  • 1 x 120 W RMS
  • Silent operation due to fanless cooling concept
  • 4 balanced mic/line inputs
  • Monacor
  • Electromarket Cable Tie Included
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