Meet Jason Lee

I am committed to giving you photos that are as unique as your love.

I am committed to giving you photos that are as unique as your love.

Jason is a young creative photographer who captures every moment of the day.
— Priscilla Roberts Dow

When my children, Carson and Cadence were born, so was my passion for photography. I learned to manipulate light and composition to best portray their personalities and our family’s moments together. My skills and knowledge developed fast because I was invested in capturing our family's moments.

Our friend Katy was getting married in Charleston around the same time, and I took my camera, happily snapping photos. Later, I was surprised to learn that Katy liked some of my photos just as well as her professional photographer’s. I realized I could turn my passion into something I would want to do for the rest of my life, and set out to do it. I attended the Charleston Center for Photography for wedding photography training, learned from industry professionals, and got started with my own business.

There are so many things I love about wedding photography. The joy, the beauty, the challenge, the creation of fine art from such a meaningful event. But most important to me is that brides and grooms and their loved ones accept me into their lives for one of their most important days. The honor in being trusted to be a part of it all and to tell the story through my photographs is huge. It’s why it’s so important for me to combine the wedding tradition and a couple’s personality and turn it into a visual representation of their love story they can keep forever.